Update on the immunotherapy appointment.

I have had a very restful day today, fell asleep this afternoon. My shoulder is still giving me grief. My appointment for the immunotherapy at was at 5 pm. Siobhan came with me. It wasn't at the hospital, it was at a clinic. I didn't have to wait long to meet Dr K. He showed Siobhan and I to his room. He asked me questions about ,y reactions to the anti biotics and the usual, what is your medical history. H looked at the reactions to the drugs and said that some of them look like side affects rather than allergies but some do look like allergies.

He wasn't impressed with the letter from the consultant, it was very muddled. He said he could do a blood test today but all of the tests had to be done on the NHS at Derriford hospital. I asked him if it would go through quicker, he said he would try and get me an appointment but couldn't promise anything. He said he had seen my letter and the problem they have is the admin side of the department has been removed and that is why it is taking so long to go through.
I felt much more positive about this now, it seems to be moving forward, thank goodness.

I just want this all sorted out so I can move forward. What a dilemma. Hopefully this will sort out what the problem is but, as usual with me, it sounds like it is very complex. I think complex should be my middle name : )
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